image 12 Apostles

12 Apostles

Last night I was watching a BBC documentary about the greatest natural wonders of the world, hosted by none other than David Attenborough. When he was talking about Australia he went to the 12 Apostles, which I guess are these twelve apostle shaped rock formations just off the coast line. There was one in particular that stood out to me. It was a head! There was just this rock head sticking out of the water facing away from land and staring off into the sunset. Naturally I had to Microsoft Paint this.

SO here he is, Ned the Apostle. I am not sure if they actually already have names (they probably do), but I decided to name him after the coolest Australian folk hero I know: Ned Kelly.

“Such is Life” – Ned Kelly’s last words.


PS~ The original image was found on the Wikimedia Commons website. Original Photo by Beau Wade back in ’05. Sorry I ruined your nice photo, Beau.


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