image Leather Chair and Foot Stool

Leather Chair and Stool

So I helped my cousin with some yard work the other day, and in return he gave me this chair and stool. Pretty comfy too I have to say. Feeling uninspired so here it is. If you feel like inspiring me throw down a comment for something to Microsoft Paint and I wont do it. I’ll just stare at it in amazement that someone commented. Then I will proceed to make a sandwich, clean my apartment, put on a record, then eat the sandwich, forget about my blog all together, then eventually feel like I forgot to do something, think about it for ages, forget that I felt like I forgot to do something, go to bed, wake up in the middle of the night, remember that you commented and I should get around to microsoft painting your suggestion, write it down, go back to sleep, get up the next day, shower, shave, eat breakfast, boot up the ol’ pc and paint your painting…. horribly I might add. But painted nonetheless.




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