image Terrible Tree at Drunken Dusk

Drunk Tree

Thanks, stayouttillsundown, for lighting an inspire fire underneath me! After I put the fire out and explained to my landlord that everything is fine and negotiated that I should still get my damage deposit back when I move out, AND did all those other things mentioned in the last post I got around to painting this terrible tree.

Go home tree, you’re drunk. “Oh I’m just friending these for a hold”, said the tree. Yeah, okay tree. Either you’re dyslexic or drunk, or both. REGARDLESS, I made sure that the tree is supporting local. It is drinking my personal favourite Winnipeg beer, Little Scrapper IPA by Half Pints Brewing Co. If you’re ever in Winnipeg I highly suggest ordering yourself one of these! Also the sunset is pretty drunk. How can a sunset be drunk you ask? I’ll take that as a rhetorical question and not respond because we both already know the answer.



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