image Deville-ishly Good Burger

Steve's Deville Burger and Fries

I know what you’re probably thinking and no. This is not a reference to the cult classic film Good Burger. It is simply a request from a friend to microsoft paint a delicious burger he ate at a delightful joint in Montreal called Deville Dinerbar. If this microsoft painting makes your mouth water I highly suggest dropping whatever you’re doing right this instant, get on expedia or kayak or travelocity or redtag or flighthub or whatever fancy website you choose to book yourself the next flight to Montreal to snag yourself one of the scrumptious sammies. Also those fries look out of this world, not even blurry or anything. No moist potatoes here.


PS~ I got this request from Facebook. What’s that? You have a Facebook too!? Well hot damn! You should look me up on there, maybe even like my page and suggest a painting or something. PEEP IT! FACEBOOK! 


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