Flying Cursor Formation


flying cursorI saw a flock of birds this morning fly by in the classic V formation as I waited for the bus. I thought to myself “oh you birds, always sticking with the classic. Why don’t you ever try a new formation? Get with the times, man.” So then I was thinking what would the new formation be? Low and behold, the Cursor Formation. Obviously birds are robots, so at some point they had to come in contact with a computer, so it should be self explanatory to them. However, I suppose a genius such as myself has to lend a hand once in a while.

On a side note you may be thinking to yourself “Hey, that’s kind of a cool and odd photo, I wonder where he found that”. To answer your question, dear reader, I took that photo with a Diana F+ toy camera back in 2011. I know, you must now be thinking “Jeez, this Microsoft Painter guy is all about the old technologies. And yet he’s telling these birds to get with the times? YOU should get with the times, man.” It is hypocritical of me I know, but perhaps I myself am an outdated bird robot trying to find my way in this new digital world.




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